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Metroid: Fusion Suit Redesign by imDRUNKonTEA Metroid: Fusion Suit Redesign :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 1,969 318
The Tale of Ralf
The Tale of Ralf, The not so Chest-Busting Chestbuster
A short tale by TheApprentice225 written for fun based on a passing thought I had at 12:30am.
All was quiet in the Weyland-Yutani research base on the small dark planet safely tucked in the outer rim, far away from outside disturbance. Too quiet in all honesty, especially in the quarters of Sergeant Major Antilly where the young woman lie unconscious on the floor. Xenomorphs escaping captivity was nothing new to this base. Every now and again a Facehugger would escape a containment crate or an egg chamber and try to find a host, but Security always found them before any damage could be done. However this time Antilly was not so lucky; the Facehugger had crawled into the air ducts and snuck into her quarters about an hour ago. It caught her napping before her double shift and effortlessly managed to plant the embryo without her even struggling. All non-essential personnel were confined to the Mess hall and other designated safe area
:icontheapprentice225:TheApprentice225 69 196
Hazmat Specialist|Area 51 by Pino44io Hazmat Specialist|Area 51 :iconpino44io:Pino44io 123 24 Ultimate Spider-man #35 (modified colors) by nataku27 Ultimate Spider-man #35 (modified colors) :iconnataku27:nataku27 21 0
Serthu Part 3
Serthu The Friendly Parasite Alien Part 3 (Ending)
Alex then cried,
Serthu then tried to calm his friend Alex.
Alex heard that his parents have died being rammed
by a Oil truck on the way back to their home.
No one survived as the oil truck exploded.
Alex,who was very sad collapsed as he hear that call.
Serthu then asked Alex if he wants to live with Serthu.
Alex that was still sad and dont have anyone to live with
but only with his alien then accepted Serthu's opinion.
Serthu already said that he can merge and transform the host,
Alex then told Serthu that he wants to merge with Serthu and live
as an Alien hybrid.
Serthu was shocked.
Alex then told Serthu that he was going to pack some food and some clothes
incase theres an emergency.
Serthu then cried with joy as he can live with Alex forever.
Alex has done the packing and then ran to the forest that was very deep
he ran through the darkness of the forest,thanks to
Serthu's Night vision,It was easy for Alex to maneuver
inside the woo
:iconfikrikooler:fikrikooler 3 1
Serthu Part 2
Serthu The Friendly Alien Parasite Part 2
Alex was suprised to see in an odd way,
He was seeing his bedroom in a bright tone
like a Night Vision but not green.
Alex can also hear the sounds outside his room.
Alex,who was terrified,heard a voice,
a calming voice.
Alex then heard the voice again asking him to go to his mirror,
Alex,curious walked up to the mirror and terrified to see his
vision on the mirror.
It was his friend Serthu,but on his head attached but Alex
can control Serthu's eye movement and neck movement.
Then Serthu told Alex that it has attached to his head.
Alex was still petrified and scared tried to calm down.
Serthu then told Alex that it was a parisitic alien attaching
to host in order to become the owner of the body.
But Serthu was different,Serthu attached to Alex's head
to talk to him.
All that Serthu did was being silent.
Luckily Alex's parent was gone out for a date abit far from his house.
Alex then believed in Serthu's story and then walked to his bed,
Alex th
:iconfikrikooler:fikrikooler 3 0
Serthu Part 1
Serthu The Friendly Alien Parasite. Part 1
Theres a teen named Alex,a normal kid whose life was full of boringness and no fun
But theres something happened that changed his life,Forever.
In one day,Alex was taking a stroll across the park until suddenly,
theres a shooting star in the sky.
Alex wished his life can be changed somehow.
Alex is a fan of parasite aliens that takes on hosts.
He once said that parasite aliens are cool.
He was also obsessed with alien friends.
But he never found his wish.
On that night he wished for a change,
a small meteorite fell right on the center of the park
Alex,taken over by his curiosity of aliens
came closer to the crater
He was shocked to see whats inside
it was an alien with many legs and weird apandages
he picked up the alien to see if its alive
and it was alive only unconcious from the crash
Alex secretly cared the weak a
:iconfikrikooler:fikrikooler 3 4
Ultimate Spiderman: Venom (Alternate story) Part 1
   Peter Parker snuck into the lab to complete his father's experiment, a symbiote like suit for curing Cancer. He scooped a spoon full of it and poured it onto his hand. Nothing happened after a while but suddenly, the sample grew and covered his hand and continue growing. It seeped up his arm and continued expanding. Peter tried to fight back and get rid of it but the symbiote covered him and turned itself into a cocoun. Peter broke out and the symbiote turned itself into a dark purple coloured Spiderman suit(the symbiote in the ultimate universe is purple in Peter's era) . 
    Peter fought crime for 2 hours wearing this suit and then he saw a robber, shoot a mother of a young nearby child, and escaped. Peter was enraged and chased the robber as it reminded him of Uncle Ben's death. As Peter confronted the robber, the symbiote took over and turn a original sized Spiderman into the  monsterous Venom. When Peter said, " I want your blood!! I want ..." The
:iconsymbiotespiderman2:SymbioteSpiderman2 19 3
Symbiote Doctor Part 1.
On a bright day of New York,Spiderman,the friendly neighbourhood hero,went swinging to find villians or robbers as it was his daily routine.
Peter felt weird since that day when Venom does not come to attack him anymore lately.
On one night,Peter felt his spidersense go crazy but he does not care due to his sleep.
He was dreaming about him swinging and found a villian.
Spiderman creeps nearer to see the big villian.He thought it was Juggernaut[JuggerNut]
To his suprise,It was venom.And venom pounced at him.
He woke up from his nightmare and thought maybe venom will attack him again.
The next morning,Peter went to see his Aunt May to give a greeting.
It was weird due to Aunt May's house to look so dull.
Peter went into the house and suprised,that the house looks like it has been hit by a tornado.
Peter knew that Aunt May was very clean and tidy.
He then saw a note,He picks the note up and read it.
"Dear spiderman,If you have found this note.It means that Aunt May
:iconfikrikooler:fikrikooler 11 0
Pine Tree and Shooting Star by namelesskitten22 Pine Tree and Shooting Star :iconnamelesskitten22:namelesskitten22 6 0 Piers Nivans by Arashii494 Piers Nivans :iconarashii494:Arashii494 5 17 Spider-Man TAS: Spider-Lizard (Unmasked) by Nathan123qwe Spider-Man TAS: Spider-Lizard (Unmasked) :iconnathan123qwe:Nathan123qwe 47 4 Piers Shiba Inu by Arashii494 Piers Shiba Inu :iconarashii494:Arashii494 19 10 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 3 colored by nataku27 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 3 colored :iconnataku27:nataku27 97 1 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 2 colored by nataku27 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 2 colored :iconnataku27:nataku27 92 5 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 1 colored by nataku27 Spider, a symbiotic tale part 1 colored :iconnataku27:nataku27 117 19


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